Forest Grove Elementary School

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New Speech Resources Page

Your Montour School District Speech-Language Pathologists have some exciting news!  A new parent/teacher resource for speech and language skills is now available on the Montour School District website!  The resource can be found under the Resources tab on the Montour homepage.  The compiled resources contain the following categories:

  • Developmental norms for articulation and language skills 
  • Home practice activities for articulation and language skills
  • Suggested iPad Apps

Practicing multiple times a week for short periods of time (10 mins.) or at least once per week will help children progress with speech/language goals.  Practice can occur during part of a child's daily routine, such as in the car, during dinner conversation, while playing a computer game or family board game, etc.  It doesn’t need to feel like extra “work.”  

We are excited and hopeful that this will encourage carryover practice into all settings including classrooms and home, as well as highlighting some of the skills SLP's can work on in the school setting while gaining collaboration between home and school.